Hiking & walking trails

Fancy the idea of walking and hiking in the Lot and the Dordogne?

Discover the pleasures and awaken your senses as our region is packed to bursting for those nature lovers amongst you.

For ramblers of all levels, whether on foot or on a mountain bike, your happiness lies here within the valleys. With a sheer plethora of trails, including the infamous path of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, walk the pathways of pilgrims which will lead you to Rocamadour.

Hikes can be chosen and suggested in accordance with your level and interests. There's certainly something for everyone, all the family, from short walks to the more challenging, with a wide selection of areas, trail maps are available at the local tourist office in Carennac.

The most beautiful villages in France : this remarkable circuit will take you on a discovery of Loubressac, built on a cliff's edge, with dominant views over the Dordogne River, you can then follow on with a short drive to Autoire, sitting at the foot of a rock face and marvel in its wonderful waterfalls.

Meander through the vineyards of Glanes : a floral stroll that snakes through the rich and varied landscapes and takes you through vines and walnut orchards.

From the very edge of the Causse to the cliffs of Carennac : leading you to views overlooking the impressive Dordogne River. Observe, listen, embrace and breath it's pure charm.
To find any of the above trails, search through the following link : www.vallee-dordogne.com

When the kids want to become explorers themselves, Randoland is a dream come true.

They can become the guides, the explorers. Available throughout France, there's a multitude of Randoland trails for ages ranging from 4 to 12. Offering short walks of one or two hours, with available circuits around Martel, Rocamadour, Saillac, Saint-Céré and Souillhac, you'll certainly find a suitable circuit for your kids. For more information contact your local tourist information office or alternatively, look at their website www.randoland.fr

Natures Sensitive Zones

Circuits have been put into place within our area in accordance with the areas of outstanding natural beauty and sensitivity – to enable them to be preserved for the public to discover and enjoy.

Eight circuits are available and they're equipped with orientation terminals to assist you with your adventure. Each terminal has a number that corresponds to the guide of any given site. The guides offer information specific to the area of natural beauty you happen to be visiting. To find the guides, you'll need to go to the local tourist information office and you can buy them for 1 euro per guide. Alternatively, download the guides from www.tourisme-lot.com.
Find all hiking and walking trails on OT vallée de la Dordogne, in your location tourist office at www.tourisme-lot.com.