Countryside camping on the banks of the Dordogne River

Our responsibility to the environment

Our commitment is to provide you with an environmentally friendly vacation with a passionate respect for our planet. We take our responsibility to it very seriously and when you opt for an environmentally friendly vacation we value your appreciation and ask for your participation with a mutual respect, by providing :

- Rubbish management with the facilities to selectively dispose of your rubbish.

- All of our taps are provided with water reducing jet flow. The showers are equipped with thermostatic valves which allow us to diminish water wastage.

- We have energy saving bulbs in all the common areas and zones and each of our electrical appliances (refrigerator, ovens etc) are of an optimal energy rating, categories A or A+ along with energy saving lighting.

- Our outdoor vegetation has been specifically chosen as low water requirement specimens.

We take our responsibilities to our planet and the environment seriously. We've put into place, wherever we possibly can, measures to conserve both energy and water to limit our impact.
Our staff members are also sensitive to the subject and have been fully trained to respect our ecologically friendly practices.