A day in Sarlat

“Sarlat, the taste of the land”

Throughout the year, both with or without a guide, the local Tourist Office suggest unforgettable sites that you can with your friends or family... or even on your own!

You can rediscover the Middle Ages, visit with your kids and take a hunt through the town whilst costumed accordingly. Interact and relive the lifestyle of its day, take a tour into St Mary's Church, walk the streets like a duke or duchess & learn about its history.

Visit the Gisson family manor house. Enter into the universe of XVII Century bourgeoisie for the day, take a glimpse behind today's facade and of this fabulous, 15 roomed architectural delight.

Or maybe spend the afternoon strolling through the old streets of Sarlat, stopping to take in some of the local produce, or maybe stay on for dinner and tuck into some delicious duck with truffles, washed down with a full bodied red.

Another great visit is Gorodka which is where you'll find contemporary creations that have been directed and created by the visual artist Pierre Shasmoukine.

Sitting in two hectares you'll find over 500 works of creative art along with light works, galleries and educational yet playful joy. Sarlat is a town that truly knows how to live. It's energetic and fun, dynamic and charming.

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