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A heritage that's packed with treasures...

It's right here, in the Lot & Correze that men and nature have strived for excellence by creating a territory linking the harmonious blend of water and stone, which play a fundamental role. From Neanderthal times through to the Renaissance & the Middle Ages, you'll discover testimonials to history like no other place you've visited. Find the most modest of tourist sights sitting right next to some of the most grandiose... yet each as imposing as the other. Ranging from artistic heritage to ones of both historical and cultural value – the Dordogne Valley is crammed to bursting with them.

Take a voyage of discovery and explore the great sites of the Midi-Pyrénées, Figeac, Gourdon, Rocamadour, Cahors, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Or maybe take a journey to one of the charming villages that have been classified and labelled as the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”, such as Autoire, Carennac, Loubressac, Collonge-La-Rouge, Turenne to name just a few. Let the magic of the underground caves of Padirac take you back in time or the impressive and unique caves of Lacage and Presque. To immerse yourself in the Dordogne Valley and it's touristic treasures is to take you on a historical journey. The numerous sites on offer are seemingly endless. Rocamadour is one it's most impressive and world renowned, the Chateau in Montal – one of the most adorable and charming – along with the chateau at Castelnau-Bretenoux. Walk along the hedgerows and discover secret gardens full of mystery and beauty, spend your time on your vacation gazing wondrously at its offerings.

Enjoy a holiday close to Rocamadour

The ancient citadel of Rocamadour has to be one of the worlds greatest of curiosities. It's as mysterious as it is historical, and is perched in such a manner that your eyes will simply plunge down the Alzou canyon. A place of significant importance to Christianity since the Middle Ages, this sacred site in the Midi-Pyrénées is a true challenge to fathom. Crowned by its castle and with homes and chapels simply clinging to the cliff's edge, climb the 216 steps of the Pilgrims' staircase, where you'll find the St Sauveur Basilica and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Crypt of Saint Amadour. This miraculous chapel, one of seven that were built into the nooks and crannies of the rock face, was built for the Black Madonna and it's where the pilgrims would visit and pray. Close to Rocamadour are the Grotte des Merveilles (Caves of Marvel), where prehistoric man engraved their hands, pictures of horses and animals on the caves walls. Discovered in October 1920, it was officially classified as a Historic Monument in 1925. The Grottes des Merveilles is open from April through to November.